Scripps Seaside Forum Wedding | Brennan and Alycia

Oh friends. On a beautiful sunny San Diego day, one year ago, two of the most amazing souls said I Do. From start to finish it was one of the most beautiful days. I may have shed a tear or two to say the least. The amount of Love and Support surrounding Brennan and Alycia's Marriage was overwhelming! Everyone soaked up the precious moments throughout this day. Just as it should be. Then energy in the morning was so peaceful and fun! It was Shark Week, so of course that was on the TV with Alycia's love for all things underwater! Her colors of teal blue and yellow just really represent her upbeat, kind and happy self! Alycia's first look with her brother was just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. He felt so honored to have this moment. Throughout the day all he wanted was for the day to be flawless for the couple. I caught him delicately placing Alycia's vail over her chair, he was often checking in with me in how he could help. I wasn't in the guys limo, but I heard they  prayed on their way to the venue which I thought was so neat. The ceremony was stunning, where the groom met his bride for the first time. He was beaming. She was breath-taking. The bridal party were all smiles throughout. The toasts brought a tear to everyone's eye. Then the dancing. OH the dancing. From the first dances to the party dances.....I had to unscrew my jaw at the end of the night from all the smiles! That dance floor NEVER stopped. WAY to go DJ! Just the other day I met with Alycia for coffee! This is my goal for my couples. To not only become their lifetime family photographer for work, but to develop and grow our relationships! To become friends where we exchange Christmas Cards and meet for coffee every now and then. I had a blast photographing this BEAUtiful pair, and I look forward to keeping in touch with them in the coming years! Three Cheers, loves and a HIP HIP HOOORAY for their One Year Anniversary!