Martin Johnson House Wedding | David & Callie

I'm finally getting around to blogging this stunner of a Wedding that took place last year! It was one of my favorites! David and Callie are some of the most kind humans ever. Their people are just as amazing. This always seems to make a Wedding Day a breeze. Callie did so much of the planning for her day! DIY queen! Her table scapes were some of the most beautiful I've seen, paired with a killer sunset at a beautiful venue! Her flowers were perfectly wild and reflected her style and complimented her girls green dresses! David and his guys were absolute studs in their suspenders and shades! The day just ran smoothly, and I had to seriously unscrew my smile afterward. I'd have to say my favorite things were the toasts about David, because I felt like I knew Callie a bit more, as well as watching Callie with all the babies and her family throughout the WHOLE day. There is a serious amount of love between them. I hope you enjoy looking at this goodness! You can check out their Engagement Session Here. I highly recommend this venue and the DJ if you're still in the market for your Wedding! 


Wedding Venue: Martin Johnson House, DJ: Preston Foreman