Goodbye House | Personal | Saying Goodbye and Starting Anew

There’s something about leaving a home when you’ve experienced loss within it. This place. This little 400 plus square foot apartment has become such a safe haven. A place where I hold my most intimate moments. A place where I’ve become more introverted than I ever thought possible. A place where I’ve found comfort and rest. A place of mourning and a place for celebration. We said goodbye to our second baby in this home. And we welcomed our third (first living) here as well. We faced the reality of loosing our third for just shy of 4 months, here. Right on the couch which is where I stayed, day and occasional night, praying she would grow just one more day. Just me more often than not, me and this place, and all my thoughts. It’s a time I still don’t think I’ve come to grips with. I don’t know if I ever will. This place. We’ve turned it into a home. Even though it’s just a tiny building and not worth what we’ve paid, Ive loved picking things out for it, putting it together, making it comfortable and quaint. The perfect mix of cottage eclectic and costal. Here we are with our almost 10 month old, ready for more space and I’m struggling to say goodbye. So silly, I know but this place we truly made a home unlike any place, since WA, 10 years ago. Praying there will not be a hat trick of losses in the next place and hopeful for nothing but more happy moments of raising our daughter together, and friends and family visiting. Goodbye sweet home. May you bless the ones who enter you in the future as you have us.