Balboa Park Engagement | Garrett & Ashli

"I'm awkward in front of the camera." 

"I'm going to need help and direction." 

"Help, what should I wear?!" 

"We hate photos, so we're going to need help!" 

HIII GUYS! I'm Katherine, and I am HERE for you :) I get this from about 90% of my clients and I am SOO happy to say it's my speciality to work with those who are less comfortable in front of the camera. I've also worked in retail as a stylist, so even though my style is less than fashionable I'm able to assist when you're totally at a loss of what to wear for your special occasion! Doing this for 15 years plus, I'm very aware at the need of verbal direction, so I guide you every step of the way. The lifestyle poses are set up to then become natural, if that makes sense! Garrett and Ashli were some of those that said they aren't the most natural in front of the camera but GUYS!!! LOOK at them! They are SO beautiful and I think they look so visibly in love. If there are every any questions or hesitations, I think it's so important to talk to your potential Wedding Photographer on the phone to see if you connect. Ask about experience. Ask what you're really unsure of, and they should be happy to answer or it will be a good indication to find someone else. I'm already booking for 2019, so contact me if you're still on the hunt for a Wedding Photographer! I'd love to work with you if we seem like we're a good fit! 

Balboa Engagement Session | Grant and Melissa

These two! Working with them has been a dream. Their engagement session was PRIStine at beautiful Balboa Park, during Sunset! There is no denying their love for one-another! I can't wait to show you their Wedding Highlights and Video from their videographer! SO much goodness! Oh and did you check out Melissa's ring?! WAY to go Grant :) 

Camp Pendleton Military Homecoming | Dylan & Lauren

This military homecoming was a very special honor for me to photograph! I've asked Lauren to share a little bit their story, this is one you don't want to skip over. It also touches on the the deployment life. So kick back and have a read! My beautiful Blog guest, Lauren, thank you for sharing with us! 

Dylan and I met on instagram - yep, you read that right! We spent a few weeks talking before I reluctantly agreed to dinner (can ya blame a girl?). I stood waiting at the restaurant we’d agreed to & the moment I heard the door close behind me, I turned around and I swear time stopped. I know, super cliche but so true. I knew that night that I was going to fall in love with this man. 

Fast forward and before we could believe it, deployment was upon us. I can’t speak for Dylan’s side of the experience, and the sacrifices our service members make are truly heroic. For me, though, deployment was a lot like holding my breath underwater. Deployments are scary, and knowing that he was in a combat zone amplified those fears tenfold. The moment he turned away from me and got on the bus to leave, I took a deep breath in, and it felt like I didn’t let it out for 211 days. You are constantly on edge, constantly worrying, constantly praying, hoping and wishing that he is safe and protected and okay, physically and emotionally. Sleep was hard, and my phone was glued to my side 24/7. I won’t bore you with the details, but time becomes a funny thing, both your enemy and your best friend - each minute that passes pulls you one minute further from the last time you saw your person and yet one minute closer to reuniting with them again.  

After seven long months, homecoming was upon us. I knew I wanted a photographer there so that I didn’t have to worry about capturing the moment myself, and after a few emails back and forth, I knew Katherine was our girl. She so patiently waited with me at the homecoming site for what seemed like FOREVER (thank you again for your patience, Katherine!). When the buses finally turned the corner, every fear and emotion I’d been holding back for 7 months came flooding through - I took a really deep breath, and finally let it out. 

There aren’t words to describe the first moment you see your person after so long apart, but I finally felt complete. My whole heart was back again, the pieces fell into place and the moments that I spent months dreaming about were, in reality, more than I ever could have imagined. And we will never, ever take a single moment together for granted.

Windandsea Engagement Session | Chris and Jordan

Ok! I know I'm seriously behind and I photographed this AMAZing couple last year in the Winter but I just HAD to share it with you! Meet Chris and Jordan! Jordan, oh you guys, she's pretty much the most amazing human, the kind you want to be your friend forever and ever :) We met working at Anthropologie 6 or 7 years ago?! We hit it off and have stayed in touch over the years! We live a couple blocks from each-other and don't get together NEARLy enough, ha! When I had the absolute privilege of meeting Chris he was at my door as we carpooled, with a bunny in hand, for out new little girl :) That 20 minute drive was enough to know he is the absolute perfect fit for my friend! AH! Their sunset couldn't have been more perfect. It was SO fun. Photographing your friends is truly the BEST. I cannot wait to capture their Wedding in the Fall! AHH! OK! It's hard to narrow my favorites but here are just a few! Be sure to scroll to the end to se my FAVORite, FAVORite! Enjoy! 

Rancho Peñasquitos Engagement Session | Robert and Jazmine

Doing a little late night work to get this post up for the amazing Groom and Bride to be on Saturday! WHHOOO! You guys I have waited for this wedding! I'm SOO pumped it's finally here! It will be a stunning day at The Pine Hills Lodge! Rain, snow, sun or 30 degrees....nothing will keep it from being absolutely flawless! Below was their engagement session at the Canyonside Park, and ohh was it a beautiful evening! Their pups even joined in on the fun, thanks to Mom the dog keeper! I love that Robert wore his uniform and Jazmine had pops of color on her nails, shoes and lips that brought it all together! I'm excited to share their wedding goodness with you, but in the meantime, here's a an amazing set of humans and pets, in the incredible Golden Hour, one fine, Fall, San Diego evening! 

Old Poway Park Engagement | Chris and Danielle

This Couple! From the moment I started emailing with Danielle's Mom, I KNEW I wanted to work with Chris, Danielle and their families! Then we met for coffee, and just clicked! PS my husband is a Chris and rocks the beard and mustache as well :) Not often do I get to photograph Engagements or Sessions in North County, so capturing their love in this STUnning Park was just a bonus! UMMMM did I mention they brought their fur babies!?! I'm SUUUCH a fan of when my couples want to incorporate their pets in the Session or during their Wedding! It just makes it SO much fun, and creates for GREAT candid opportunities! The evening as you can see was STUNNing, this couple?! Their love, is undeniable. Not often do I see a couple just savor the whole engagement process, but I really feel like they have. Their excitement to be husband and wife is SO real. I'm SOO pumped for them to FINALLY tie the knot this weekend! AHHH! I'm so thankful for my team to capture their stunning day from start to finish! It will be flawless, and I just can't wait to share those images with you all. Chris and Danielle, I wish you both the ABSOlute best in this new adventure. I have no doubt you treasure the meaning of your vows. I'm thankful for both of you and I can't wait to capture you in the coming years for whatever milestone :) 

Windandsea Engagement Session | Robert & Paloma

Well, these two are becoming one tomorrow, and I can't wait to capture it! Their energy is infectious. The love they have for one another is so tender. I've had to unscrew my jaw from smiles and laughter after both our initial consultation and their engagement session, and I can only imagine tomorrow will be that to the max! The incredible humans that Robert and Paloma are, I cannot wait to meet their loved ones! Oh man, you guys. It's going to be one big unforgettable party! I had to do a little post for them, because.....oh ya know, no big deal...they're GETTIN MARRIED TOMORROW! Hip Hip HOOORRAYYY!! 



Sripps Seaside Forum Engagement Session | Brian & Ashton

So when your clients show up with two dogs, collar crowns, three outfits and a friend....you KNOW it's going to be a good Session! Especially when the sun is shining after postponing from the rainy night before! WHEW was I glad we still had that morning, as Ashton was about to fly home that afternoon! This beautiful couple. I had been in communication with them for a while! I absolutely loved my time chatting with them and even more so, enjoyed my time with them the day of their Session. Their love is so completely tender, and kind. Their Dogs were just PREcious, even though they probably would have rather just relaxed in the sun, they were troopers! The tide that morning....I mean, Brian and Ashton expected to get a little wet, but little did they know...ha! I've only seen the tide that high a few times to where it is crashing agains the cement edge! They still were game to play in the waves, so of COURSE we had fun! I couldn't get them under the Pier due to safety but we had just as much fun on each side! We left Scripps Pier soaked up to our waists, but with HUGE grins on our faces. It was a Session for the Books and I'm happy to share it with you!