Family Session Tips

Coffee Shop Family Session | The Grounds Bean Bar

Ummmm can we do more of these Sessions!? I often give the clients freedom to choose the location of their session....I LOVED doing this at The Grounds Bean Bar! It was a NORmal place you could take your kids. It was a NORmal experience that caused NATural reactions. Going to a coffee shop is a treat, so the kids were extra excited :) Dogs often come in and there are so many fun things to watch, so you get all different characteristics captured, and it was just the BEST! Seriously, who else wants to do this?! Or the Children's Museum?! Or on a Boat?! Let's switch it up friends, you'll be SO happy you did! 

How to Find the Right Photographer for You! | Holiday Family Session Tips, Part 1

It's HERE, it's HERE! The long awaited Part One of how to successfully survive your Holiday Family Session! There is a bit of information included, however it holds so much value and will prevent quite the headache, so try to hang on! I'm so excited to help make this process more enjoyable for you, regardless of you being my Client or not! 


1. Do Your Research! 

Not every photographer will fit with your personality, style and budget. Start by finding someone who already has galleries on several different forums that are consistent. Check them on Facebook, Instagram, their Website and maybe even Yelp. You should be able to love their style!  You want someone you'd never have to give a Pinterest board to, because you trust their capabilities to photograph your family, like you see on their portfolios. Read some of their captions on the Facebook and Instagram posts, watch their Instagram Stories! See if you can relate to that person. You want to be comfortable at your session so you'll want to know that you can connect on some level. 


1. Review Check! 

Everyone can post their favorite images from a session, but does that mean they had great communication from the initial email until product delivery? Does that mean they were on time? Does that mean they know what they are doing, took time to notice details, posed in a flattering manner, did their best to entertain the children etc?! Did they deliver the galleries when they said they would?! This is where you need to take that extra time, to read reviews! Again those social media forums, Facebook, Yelp and maybe the Bump or even if they do Weddings, check their reviews on The Knot! Quantity isn't necessarily a big deal but if there is enough stating the photographer went above and beyond and you love their galleries, you've most likely met your match!


3. Invest In A Photographer Who Finds Value In Their Work And Try To Up It To A Full Session, For Your Sanity!

You may think you want to find the best deal for your holiday Minis, this can be a major mistake. By now you've spent hours emailing the photographer, finding your coordinating outfits, scheduled your hair and nail appointment, gotten your kids haircuts, made extra sure to make sure your littles don't get bumps and bruises etc. A LOT of both time and money goes into that tiny 20 minute window, even before paying a photographer. If you find someone you love, that has good reviews, and their prices are a bit higher than what you're seeing posted on Social Media, go with your gut. Book that photographer. Pay a little extra for something that you know is going to be a sure thing, that doesn't make all that work for nothing. If you're able, go for the hour package! Kids are finicky. It often takes just a bit for them to warm up. Same goes for Husbands! {Mine included!} You'll be able to get more bang for your buck, a more relaxed session, more pose options, and just an overall breathable session. A photographer will never be shooting on the constant. Half of the session is just posing and directing, the other half is making sure there are about three - five solid poses with about 30 images to choose from in a 20-30 minute window. So having that extra time, especially if you can't seem to get out the door quite as fast, will make a world of difference! Don't hesitate to ask about a payment plan either! Almost all Photographer's would break payments up further if need be. 

There you go! Whether I'm the Photographer for you or whether you go with someone else, I hope these tips will help you to find your forever photographer who can capture you over time, for all milestones! This is just the beginning of the process! It requires a bit more research, but if you take the time, and are able to adjust your budget, it will be well worth your while! You can Contact Me to get on my Wait List for when I will be announcing my Full & Mini Sessions!