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High Tea with Daddy | A Veterans Day Styled Shoot Experience | The Thursday Club

Happy Veterans Day, Friends!

There’s something very special several talented wedding vendors and I put together for a very special Veteran, Brian, and his 3 year old daughter Ellie!

Not your everyday bride and groom styled shoot. We wanted something different. We wanted to create an experience. We wanted to style, but with natural captures and captured emotions. We wanted to pay tribute to the military and show how littles can do just fine amongst a lovely wedding scape.

Brian, his wife Mary Beth & their children have been my clients for years so I knew Brian’s relationship with his daughter was a special one. I knew Ellie despite being up past her bedtime would soak this special project in and would cherish it for years to come. So we got the idea to have “High Tea with Daddy!” We wanted to set up the most beautiful surprise date for this Lieutenant Veteran and his daughter, where all they had to do was show up and we’d guide them from one surprise to the next.

I reached out to several of my FAVorite wedding vendors and I was so thankful they all were so excited to partake in the fun! The Thursday Club was ideal for a Tea Party setting with a getting ready room perfect for a little princess. The coordinator Courtney of Breezy Day Weddings killed it with her magic and made everything come together. Rustic Events drove at least 45 minutes to bring the furniture and on Jen’s Birthday no less! Barb of Blanc Floral created the most beautiful hair piece for Ellie, bouquet for Ellie to be given by Brian and arrangements for the table and more that complimented the table scape beautifully. Lela of Orange and Melrose came through with her calligraphy, designing the invites despite her morning sickness! Cheri of Cheri’s Vintage Table had the table scape for this tea party. Russ’ associate of Russell John Films was kind, gentle and patient and was SO good with Ellie. Tara from Sweet As Bliss brought my vision to life with her flawless mini cakes & cookies that survived the heat! Little Kids Wear Inc is where I found the dream dress and ballet slippers for sweet Ellie. And So Cal Hair and Makeup came to make Ellie feel extra special even though I knew we couldn’t do much to her hair, so I was thankful they came, more for the experience. And boy did Ellie feel like a princess.

The day of the High Tea, Brian and Ellie had little guided direction but were mostly instructed to just be, that this was their date. I’ll let the images and video describe the rest. It was pure magic. We were all watching quietly with exploding hearts as this real Daddy & Daughter made a memory for a lifetime, which was the soul purpose of this day. Ellie got to take home the invites, cake, flowers, and shoes all for her memory box. I got in my car to go home and just cried as it was something so beautiful, shared with people I respect and enjoy. I hope you enjoy this special shoot as we all did and we want to thank all those who serve, have served, and their families who hold down the fort at home, in support. We thank you for our freedom. Happy Veterans Day!

It’s Your Wedding Day. Treat Yourself. | Vendor Reccomendation

So you just got engaged! First of all, huge congrats, it’s a super exciting time. Second, I’m sure you are a tad bit stressed. There’s a lot ot plan and do for sure, but since you are reading this, you probably want to mitigate some of that stress. Smart. We’ve got your back for sure!

By this point, you have probably thought about where you want to get married, have booked a photographer, and a planner. Next things on your list? Hopefully hair and makeup, because to be honest this is wayyyyy more important than I think you realize. It’s the foundation for your day and can help set the mood. It’s worth the price to hire a professional for a sleuth of reasons.

Saves you time

I know you do your makeup everyday and you know your face, but makeup on your wedding day is an entirely different look. Having your hair and makeup done by a professional saves you time to do more important things, like create unforgettable memories with your gals while getting ready. Or to sip on that pineapple mimosa that you most definitely deserve. Having your hair and makeup done on your wedding day is totally worth it, since even though you know how to do your own makeup, the professional is going to be a lot faster. Your time is valuable, plus it’s not something you should worry about.

No stress allowed

Oh yeah, aside from having your hair and makeup professionally done saving you time, it also saves you stress. You don’t have to worry about if your makeup will look good in the photos or on your timing. You know that this is already taken care of and can just enjoy the experience as you should.

Flawless in every photo

Probably the most important part of getting your hair and makeup done professionally is knowing you will look flawless in every photo. Let’s be honest, you are spending a good portion of your wedding budget in the photography. With professionally done hair and makeup that are matched to you, you are actually setting yourself up for the best possible photos. You will feel so confident in yourself and that will show, I promise you. Plus, with good hair and makeup, your photographer won’t have to edit or photoshop, so let money spent by you!

You are worth it

I know that getting your hair and makeup professionally done is a luxury, but it’s your wedding day. You deserve to feel pampered. You deserve to have the best day of your life. You deserve to look back on these photos and remember every unforgettable moment in the best possible way. Trust me, you are worth it.



P.S. If you need any help at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out! That’s what we do and girl we will hook you up. I promise you that.

San Diego Wedding Vendor Recommendations | Breezy Day Florals


As you saw in my last post I am featuring the Breezy Day Wedding Sisters, Courtney of Breezy Day Weddings, and now Heather of Breezy Day Florals! I mentioned in the post prior how incredible these women are not only in personality but in talent! If you're about to be wed or know someone who is, please pass these posts along! Who doesn't want a dream team present on their wedding day? Now you get to meet Heather, of Breezy Day Florals! I asked her some questions that I'm excited to share with you! 

When did you become a florist? 

I was looking for a way to make Breezy Day Weddings more than just coordination. I knew I wanted to be involved in the wedding industry in some way but after years in management I wanted a change in direction for my life. I had put together some small flower arrangements in mason jars for our first Bridal Bazaar and after brides kept coming up to us, asking us if we were florists, the bug was in my head. I knew nothing about flowers but I knew I enjoyed the experience of working with them, so I decided to spend some serious money to take a legitimate design course where I learned all of the ins and outs of floral design. After the first class I knew I was obsessed and went home and ordered a set of business cards, knowing this is what I was something I was going to persue.

What is your favorite part about being a Florist? 

I love that it’s more than just being creative. I get to use my extensive background in business and customer service. I love quiet time when it’s just me in the studio, hours slip away like they’re nothing when I’m designing. I love delivering the flowers to the event and hearing the oohs and awwws of the bride.

What are three reasons why future marrieds should hire a Florist? 

1.) flowers make people happy. You don’t need a ton of them, even if it’s just your bouquet, they really do have a way of giving the wedding more meaning. 2.) rely on professionals on your wedding day. The last thing anyone should be worried about on the wedding Day is who is doing what and fretting how things look. Trust a florist to bring your vision to life. People don’t understand how time consuming it can be to make a single bouquet, especially when you’ve never made one before. 3.) a good florist will help you pick the right flowers for your wedding. They should be able to tell you not only what is in season but what flowers work best in different scenarios, what need water, what are heartier, etc.

What have you found that people don't understand about the importance of a Florist? 

Florists can bring your wedding vision to life. Whether it be through flowers or candles or other decor. We add that extra umph to the wedding, even if it’s just some sprigs of greenery placed strategically throughout the room.

I know a lot of couples are very uninformed on how flowers are or can be an investment. How do you cater to budgets and or educate your clients on how flowers and beautiful arrangements at that, can very easily fit into their budget? 

Sticker shock is real. It’s usually the first time people buy large quantities of flowers in their life. First of all I never turn people away because of a small budget. I do have minimums for what I refer to as full service weddings but I don’t like the idea of turning someone away if they can’t afford $1800 when flowers aren’t their main priority. So we work together to create something that is still special but that will fit into their desired budget. It only gets difficult when people aren’t willing to make sacrifices but I believe there is always a way to have beautiful centerpieces without going broke.

What is your favorite thing about working with your sister? 

I truly believe she is the best coordination in the industry. She cares so much and works so hard, she treats every single person from the afterhour janitors to the bride with the utmost respect and genuine kindness. She is never not working or watching her couple to make sure they are happy. Its so pleasant to work with someone who has such a great attitude. I love watching her in charge of a room. I also love that we’re always there for each other. I can step in and help with coordination if needed and she can make deliveries for me if I need the extra help. It’s nice to have someone who you can trust 100% and know is just as invested as you are.

What is a random fun fact about you, you might not share much online? 

Hmmm.... I feel like I can be so boring but let’s see... I love baseball, the Beatles and going to Kenny Chesney concerts. I play trivia every week with my friends. I also love to travel but haven’t gotten to do much of it in recent years. And my dog, Rigby is my whole world.

What's been your favorite venue to work with in the greater San Diego area? 

Ohh that’s a tie between the Prado and the Thursday Club.

Is there anything else you want to share? 

I think at the end of the day, I just like making people happy and flowers are a great way to do that!!

San Diego Wedding Vendor Recommendation  | Breezy Day Weddings and Events


The next two Vendor Features are ones you DON'T want to miss out on! I asked some questions of my favorites Courtney, of Breezy Day Weddings and her sweet sister Heather, of Breezy Day Florals! I haven't been quiet about how much I love working with these two, and it's not just because their are amazing humans, they are EXTREmely talented! Feel free to share this post with those you know are recently or soon to be engaged and wedding planning! First up, meet Courtney! 

What got you into Wedding Planning? 

I have always been the type to have several jobs at once (restaurants, catering companies, coffee shops, dog walking, etc...) I was in college and a friend of a friend needed help with her wedding coordinating company. I took a shot assisting with her and continued throughout college. I never knew what I wanted to do as a career and I definitely didn't think it would be in wedding planning, but I absolutely love it! So to be honest, I came into the wedding industry by accident. ;)

What is your favorite part about your work? 

I love the work-aspect of coordinating a wedding. It is a long day, but the day always goes by so quick! It is never boring, full of love and happiness and of boy is it beautiful & FUN! What a treat that I get to be a small part of a couple's most important day. I always get goosebumps when I fluff a Brides dress and send her down the aisle. I also love walking into an empty reception space at the beginning of a wedding day and working with the different vendors to transform it into the couples dream space! Seeing everything come together seamlessly is the best feeling!

What are three reasons why future marrieds should hire a Wedding Planner? 

1. To have a helping hand for advice and questions throughout the planning process. 2. To relieve stress that final week and of course on the rehearsal and wedding day. 3. So that family and friends do not have to work on the wedding day (ex. by setting up decor, greeting vendors, etc...) All family and friends can be guests, as they should be. Same thing goes with clean up at the end of the night. ;)

What have you found that people don't understand about the importance of outsourcing planning a wedding? 

Well, in the World we live in, I honestly think think that a couple can plan their wedding pretty easily. Yes, it is expensive, and stressful and is probably the biggest thing they have do so far in their life. But with websites such as The Knot, Wedding Wire, attending bridal shows, and talking to friends who have gotten married, they are able to plan the bulk of the day. I book weddings up to a year prior to the day. The moment you send that initial email to us, you have us as a resource: Vendor recommendations, advice, timeline help, diagram design, just someone to talk to when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed about the planning. The most important thing is that even if you plan every detail of your wedding perfectly, there is no way you can coordinate it on the actual wedding day! That's when Breezy Day takes over - we execute all your visions and details! When you arrive to the wedding venue, all I set and complete - ready to celebrate you BOTH! :)

What is your FAVorite thing about working with your sister? 

Because we have grown up together, we have the same values and beliefs. We understand each other and know each other's strengths and weaknesses as well as how to be around each other ;) I also think that Breezy Day has brought us closer together! It is really fun talking about our future plans of the company and to think back to 5 years ago when it was all just an idea. When we were younger, we were not as close, and I am so happy that weddings and the Breezy Day has made us truly best friends, I know that should would do anything for me and will always have my back! I am really blessed. :)

What is a random fun fact about you, that you may not share much online? 

I was a music major in college - I can play a few instruments (not that well! hehe) & I still sing in a community choir in Point Loma.

What has been your favorite venue to work at in the greater San Diego area? 

I have several favorite venues, but my ultimate FAV is The Thursday Club <3

Is there anything else you'd like to share? 

My goal is for a couple to enjoy every moment of the wedding day experience and to always be smiling! The entire wedding planning process should be Easy & Breezy ;) xoxo