High Tea with Daddy | A Veterans Day Styled Shoot Experience | The Thursday Club

Happy Veterans Day, Friends!

There’s something very special several talented wedding vendors and I put together for a very special Veteran, Brian, and his 3 year old daughter Ellie!

Not your everyday bride and groom styled shoot. We wanted something different. We wanted to create an experience. We wanted to style, but with natural captures and captured emotions. We wanted to pay tribute to the military and show how littles can do just fine amongst a lovely wedding scape.

Brian, his wife Mary Beth & their children have been my clients for years so I knew Brian’s relationship with his daughter was a special one. I knew Ellie despite being up past her bedtime would soak this special project in and would cherish it for years to come. So we got the idea to have “High Tea with Daddy!” We wanted to set up the most beautiful surprise date for this Lieutenant Veteran and his daughter, where all they had to do was show up and we’d guide them from one surprise to the next.

I reached out to several of my FAVorite wedding vendors and I was so thankful they all were so excited to partake in the fun! The Thursday Club was ideal for a Tea Party setting with a getting ready room perfect for a little princess. The coordinator Courtney of Breezy Day Weddings killed it with her magic and made everything come together. Rustic Events drove at least 45 minutes to bring the furniture and on Jen’s Birthday no less! Barb of Blanc Floral created the most beautiful hair piece for Ellie, bouquet for Ellie to be given by Brian and arrangements for the table and more that complimented the table scape beautifully. Lela of Orange and Melrose came through with her calligraphy, designing the invites despite her morning sickness! Cheri of Cheri’s Vintage Table had the table scape for this tea party. Russ’ associate of Russell John Films was kind, gentle and patient and was SO good with Ellie. Tara from Sweet As Bliss brought my vision to life with her flawless mini cakes & cookies that survived the heat! Little Kids Wear Inc is where I found the dream dress and ballet slippers for sweet Ellie. And So Cal Hair and Makeup came to make Ellie feel extra special even though I knew we couldn’t do much to her hair, so I was thankful they came, more for the experience. And boy did Ellie feel like a princess.

The day of the High Tea, Brian and Ellie had little guided direction but were mostly instructed to just be, that this was their date. I’ll let the images and video describe the rest. It was pure magic. We were all watching quietly with exploding hearts as this real Daddy & Daughter made a memory for a lifetime, which was the soul purpose of this day. Ellie got to take home the invites, cake, flowers, and shoes all for her memory box. I got in my car to go home and just cried as it was something so beautiful, shared with people I respect and enjoy. I hope you enjoy this special shoot as we all did and we want to thank all those who serve, have served, and their families who hold down the fort at home, in support. We thank you for our freedom. Happy Veterans Day!

Basic Invite | Modern Wedding Invites, Save The Dates, Holiday Cards etc.

Friends! For your paper needs look no further! Basic Invite is an incredible company with excellent product for your Wedding Save The Dates, Invites, Maps, Envelopes, Magnets, Holiday Cards, Birth Announcements - you name it! They’ve kindly send me some samples so I could have something to share with my clients, and I’m impressed! The quality is there, the colors match the colors in my images that I sent to them, which Shutterfly, Minted, Costco and more printing companies are always WAY off, altering the quality of the image. They have creative Save the Date options, such as this first one is a Magnet, so you can’t forget to have that date blocked off!

They have so many design options, 180 custom colors, paper types, fronts, textures, price points..It’s worth a look! I’m going to use them for my Holiday Cards this year, I can’t wait to send them out! They have styles that are perfect for your Fall and Winter Wedding as well, not just blush, gold and soft tones! I LOVE the blues and gold like in the image below! With the holidays around the corner, you don’t want spend extra time on the lookout for your invites and cards, check out Basic Invite who has it dialed in, and email their customer support for any help! They are SO responsive! If you’re wanting a discount off your order, shoot me an email and I have a code for you!


The Venue at Eastlake | Art & Kiu Highlights

So THIS couple! They love hard, the are crafty & HAPPY. They compliment one another. It's been such a fun journey capturing their Wedding Story from their civil ceremony to their wedding on Saturday! I met Kiu through my husband, as they shared a class at Mesa! SO fun to finally work with someone who knows my Mr :) He's quite introverted, so this was special! Their day was flawless, and full of joy, which made my heart so happy as that was my prayer for them! I hope you enjoy this little teaser!

Balboa Engagement Session | Grant and Melissa

These two! Working with them has been a dream. Their engagement session was PRIStine at beautiful Balboa Park, during Sunset! There is no denying their love for one-another! I can't wait to show you their Wedding Highlights and Video from their videographer! SO much goodness! Oh and did you check out Melissa's ring?! WAY to go Grant :) 

San Diego Mission Wedding | David and Naylynn

This beautiful couple! I met with them it seems forever ago! Then life took a different turn, they had to put their lives on hold to care for a family member. The most kind sacrifice. So when they contacted me again to capture their small ceremony I was overjoyed to do so! I'm not strict to 6 hour collections and above! Not everyone's wedding Is alike, so I love to cater to your day if I'm able! The ceremony, family, bride and groom captures were the most important to David and Naylynn so that's what I was there to capture! The first wedding of the year and it was beautiful, in a venue I've longed to photograph in! It was an overcast day but that didn't take away from the love and joy exchanged between these two! I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from this intimate wedding! 

It’s Your Wedding Day. Treat Yourself. | Vendor Reccomendation

So you just got engaged! First of all, huge congrats, it’s a super exciting time. Second, I’m sure you are a tad bit stressed. There’s a lot ot plan and do for sure, but since you are reading this, you probably want to mitigate some of that stress. Smart. We’ve got your back for sure!

By this point, you have probably thought about where you want to get married, have booked a photographer, and a planner. Next things on your list? Hopefully hair and makeup, because to be honest this is wayyyyy more important than I think you realize. It’s the foundation for your day and can help set the mood. It’s worth the price to hire a professional for a sleuth of reasons.

Saves you time

I know you do your makeup everyday and you know your face, but makeup on your wedding day is an entirely different look. Having your hair and makeup done by a professional saves you time to do more important things, like create unforgettable memories with your gals while getting ready. Or to sip on that pineapple mimosa that you most definitely deserve. Having your hair and makeup done on your wedding day is totally worth it, since even though you know how to do your own makeup, the professional is going to be a lot faster. Your time is valuable, plus it’s not something you should worry about.

No stress allowed

Oh yeah, aside from having your hair and makeup professionally done saving you time, it also saves you stress. You don’t have to worry about if your makeup will look good in the photos or on your timing. You know that this is already taken care of and can just enjoy the experience as you should.

Flawless in every photo

Probably the most important part of getting your hair and makeup done professionally is knowing you will look flawless in every photo. Let’s be honest, you are spending a good portion of your wedding budget in the photography. With professionally done hair and makeup that are matched to you, you are actually setting yourself up for the best possible photos. You will feel so confident in yourself and that will show, I promise you. Plus, with good hair and makeup, your photographer won’t have to edit or photoshop, so let money spent by you!

You are worth it

I know that getting your hair and makeup professionally done is a luxury, but it’s your wedding day. You deserve to feel pampered. You deserve to have the best day of your life. You deserve to look back on these photos and remember every unforgettable moment in the best possible way. Trust me, you are worth it.



P.S. If you need any help at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out! That’s what we do and girl we will hook you up. I promise you that.

Why the last Wedding of 2017 meant so much. | San Juan Capistrano Wedding

Ohh friends. I don't think I've ever had such a sigh of relief, such a satisfying exhale as I did after my last Wedding of 2017. The whole year I had completely booked with Weddings and other Family Sessions. Due to getting pregnant in February and on critical bedrest at 19 weeks, that meant the bulk of my Weddings had to be covered by my associates. As much as you're prepared for this, you're never really prepared for this. I had to communicate with each couple and let them know that I would not be able to capture their day. I had to manage numerous photographers sharing with them the details of each Wedding without mixing them up. I had to pay them when money wasn't coming in. I had to pass up dream venues but most of all dream clients who I had hoped to capture their day. I invest so much time on each client without having to not capture their day or event, so it was not only professionally a bummer but personally. I take pride in my work, I have high standards with how my clients are treated. Each one of them were well taken care of, Praise the Lord. My associates went above and beyond doing an incredible job, mind you editing other photographers images when you ache for them to be your own, in the loneliness of your home or the hospital room was less than ideal. So the moment I could go to the last wedding of the year, that happened to be absolutely incredible, on a beautiful day, I just couldn't have orchestrated that....and that feeling I felt, of accomplishment. After my time there I sat in the car, set up my pump and just wept. The Lord is good. He had his hand all over 2017. To God be the glory. 

Now these images below make me proud even though my hair is a hot mess, my outfit is a disaster, I'm overweight and focused. I just had a baby a couple weeks prior, I got to the wedding on time, held my composure, didn't have to pump in between coverage, was prepared photographing in the most beautiful areas and I had a BLAST shooting with my girl Traci again, and Jax for the first time, as well. I even brought my rolliflex for a few captures, the film captures are below the bts of me with my vintage camera. Welcome to the behind the scenes of my last wedding of 2017, thank you Jax and Traci for these! 

Old Poway Park Engagement | Chris and Danielle

This Couple! From the moment I started emailing with Danielle's Mom, I KNEW I wanted to work with Chris, Danielle and their families! Then we met for coffee, and just clicked! PS my husband is a Chris and rocks the beard and mustache as well :) Not often do I get to photograph Engagements or Sessions in North County, so capturing their love in this STUnning Park was just a bonus! UMMMM did I mention they brought their fur babies!?! I'm SUUUCH a fan of when my couples want to incorporate their pets in the Session or during their Wedding! It just makes it SO much fun, and creates for GREAT candid opportunities! The evening as you can see was STUNNing, this couple?! Their love, is undeniable. Not often do I see a couple just savor the whole engagement process, but I really feel like they have. Their excitement to be husband and wife is SO real. I'm SOO pumped for them to FINALLY tie the knot this weekend! AHHH! I'm so thankful for my team to capture their stunning day from start to finish! It will be flawless, and I just can't wait to share those images with you all. Chris and Danielle, I wish you both the ABSOlute best in this new adventure. I have no doubt you treasure the meaning of your vows. I'm thankful for both of you and I can't wait to capture you in the coming years for whatever milestone :) 

Pacific Coast Grill Wedding | Ryan and Lindsay

I get a lot of long distance clients throughout the year. Family Sessions when people visit for vacation or Destination Weddings where everyone comes together in San Diego for the big celebration! I LOVed getting a call from Lindsay about her intimate Wedding in Cardiff by the Sea. I felt like I connected with her right away on the phone, and instantly knew I wanted to capture her dream day! The day was just as stunning as I imagined it would be. Very family & commitment based, which is when I know I'm photographing my Dreamies! I captured her sister's Family Session a few day's prior so I almost knew a chunk of the guests before I arrived! The ceremony was so tender, officiated by her sweet nephew. The family captures were a BLAst, everyone was being so fun and funny, I just truly loved getting to see Lindsay's families personalities! Then I stole the newlyweds away for some captures by themselves down by the water. It went so smoothly, and was such a love-filled morning. SOO happy for you Ryan and Lindsay, I loved working with you both, thank you for having me capture your Wedding! 

Venue: Pacific Coast Grill in Cardiff by the Sea, Florist: Florist Frenzy, Hair & MUA: Del Mar Beauty Box 

Martin Johnson House Wedding | David & Callie

I'm finally getting around to blogging this stunner of a Wedding that took place last year! It was one of my favorites! David and Callie are some of the most kind humans ever. Their people are just as amazing. This always seems to make a Wedding Day a breeze. Callie did so much of the planning for her day! DIY queen! Her table scapes were some of the most beautiful I've seen, paired with a killer sunset at a beautiful venue! Her flowers were perfectly wild and reflected her style and complimented her girls green dresses! David and his guys were absolute studs in their suspenders and shades! The day just ran smoothly, and I had to seriously unscrew my smile afterward. I'd have to say my favorite things were the toasts about David, because I felt like I knew Callie a bit more, as well as watching Callie with all the babies and her family throughout the WHOLE day. There is a serious amount of love between them. I hope you enjoy looking at this goodness! You can check out their Engagement Session Here. I highly recommend this venue and the DJ if you're still in the market for your Wedding! 


Wedding Venue: Martin Johnson House, DJ: Preston Foreman

ZLAC Rowing Club Wedding | Matt & Cynthia

I am SOO glad my 2017 year of Weddings started with these two saying "I do." It was nothing short of flawless. Matt, Cynthia & I met long before their Wedding, and I just knew I wanted to capture their Day! They both had such beautiful visions, and with Cynthia's passion for Wedding Planning I knew it would be just that. At our last consult before the wedding Cynthia broke out this incredibly detailed folder! It was organizational heaven! She planned, and coordinated most the wedding, of course delegating for the day of, but it was pretty much the most smoothly planned day that I've attended, even more so than some with hired Coordinator help! Not only did their Wedding go without a hitch, it was an ABSOLute blast. Matt & Cynthia were the most relaxed and happy couple ever, and their people are so supportive and kind! I felt like I was laughing the whole day. SO good. Meeting Cynthia post wedding for coffee to give her her Thank You Package, it felt very much not like a goodbye, but the continuation of a friendship. According to the guests at their Wedding, that's just the people that Matt & Cynthia are. Loving, Kind, Funny, Caring and genuinely friendly! They are my "Dreamies." My Dreamie Clients! Enjoy the incredible goodness that was their day! 

Venue: ZLAC Rowing Club, Ceremony: Sacred Heart Ocean Beach, Florist: Flora Glamor, Cake: Baby Cakes, MUA & Hair Stylist: Erica Franksen & Bristen E., Dress: Alfred Angelo, Tux: The Black Tux

Temecula Creek Inn Wedding | Dan & Laura

Friends! This couple! I've had the pleasure of knowing them since Laura was pregnant with precious Weston. OH I NEVER laughed so hard at a Session. Dan is literally the most funny guy, and Laura compliments him in the sweetest way. I knew, that evening at Sunset Cliffs, that I wanted to be their friends! HA! No, but REAlly! Thankfully the Maternity Session was a success, so they called me back for their Lifestyle Newborn Session! Then Laura just started emailing me to photograph her work events, and then a surprise shoot for Fathers Day as Dan was Deployed, and his homecoming, and then we ran into each other at a Wedding Marketing Event....All this to say...our emails over the years graduated from details, times, dates and packages, to "How are you doing?" and "I love you!"  They are the perfect example of how I hope to model my business, going from clients to friends to practically family, and handshakes to hugs!

So here comes their Wedding for all their friends and family at the most beautiful venue, with the most AMAzing vendors! It's going to PERfect right?! Well several days before, there were alerts about a horrible storm over the weekend full of rain, wind, thunder and lighting! I'm generally a positive and optimistic person, so I just kept praying it would for some reason clear up right in the middle of when it was supposed to be the most strong. That being said, I was fully prepared for rain, assuming umbrellas would be useless with the wind. I also checked in with Laura double checking if they would be ok to get some sweet moody weather shots post ceremony! They were totally ready to get creative, and were so worry free, at least that's what it seemed like! It wasn't until the MORNing of, that I noticed we actually may have a break in the weather! AHH! Praise the LORD! Just in case they had rented a full sided clear magical tent for their reception. We only had to retreat from light rain for about 10 minutes for some sweet indoor captures before we were able to head back outside for portraits! They were hoping to have the ceremony uncovered and outside and low and behold the rain literally held off from the beginning of the ceremony until the end of the family formals! How cool is that?! The day went on without a hitch. The vendors were all positive and efficient, like serious secret ninjas making the most dreamy day come to life! 

My favorite part of the day, my favorite part of every time I get to capture this beautiful family, is the tenderness expressed from Dan to Laura, the Joy Laura gets from Dan, and the adoration they have for their dolly of a Son. 

Venue - Temecula Creek Inn, Wedding Coordinator - Cara @ Michelle Garibay Events, Rentals - Rustic Urban Events, Florist - Blanc Floral Design, Videographers - Lereve Films , DJ - Csquareddj_lighting, Calligrapher - Swash and Spur , Cake - Laura Marie's Cakes

Scripps Seaside Forum Wedding | Brennan and Alycia

Oh friends. On a beautiful sunny San Diego day, one year ago, two of the most amazing souls said I Do. From start to finish it was one of the most beautiful days. I may have shed a tear or two to say the least. The amount of Love and Support surrounding Brennan and Alycia's Marriage was overwhelming! Everyone soaked up the precious moments throughout this day. Just as it should be. Then energy in the morning was so peaceful and fun! It was Shark Week, so of course that was on the TV with Alycia's love for all things underwater! Her colors of teal blue and yellow just really represent her upbeat, kind and happy self! Alycia's first look with her brother was just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. He felt so honored to have this moment. Throughout the day all he wanted was for the day to be flawless for the couple. I caught him delicately placing Alycia's vail over her chair, he was often checking in with me in how he could help. I wasn't in the guys limo, but I heard they  prayed on their way to the venue which I thought was so neat. The ceremony was stunning, where the groom met his bride for the first time. He was beaming. She was breath-taking. The bridal party were all smiles throughout. The toasts brought a tear to everyone's eye. Then the dancing. OH the dancing. From the first dances to the party dances.....I had to unscrew my jaw at the end of the night from all the smiles! That dance floor NEVER stopped. WAY to go DJ! Just the other day I met with Alycia for coffee! This is my goal for my couples. To not only become their lifetime family photographer for work, but to develop and grow our relationships! To become friends where we exchange Christmas Cards and meet for coffee every now and then. I had a blast photographing this BEAUtiful pair, and I look forward to keeping in touch with them in the coming years! Three Cheers, loves and a HIP HIP HOOORAY for their One Year Anniversary!